Door Services

At Pinnacle Home Improvements, our family run business has spent years broadening our range of environmentally friendly products that help save our customers some money and really make the look of your home exceptional. We now offer windows, doors, conservatories, driveways, porches, garage doors and roofs.

Providing quality door installation services

If it is a new door you are searching for, we provide different services, including door fitting and even door repair if you wish to keep your existing door and potentially reduce your costs. You may be looking for a new door to freshen up the look of your house or maybe you just fancy a change to suit your family. If you have a door that is damaged, maybe unexpectedly after a break-in or just from wear and tear, we offer our repair service to get your original door looking as good as new. Our top quality products combined with our friendly team trained to the highest standard will be able to advise you on the best solution for your home. Our door installation specialists can ensure your doors are professionally fitted and secure.

If it is a new door you are looking for, we have a large range in different colours, styles and materials. Whether you are changing your door for security reasons, for a new look, for energy efficiency reasons, due to damage or even adding a bi-fold to transform the appearance of your house, then we have a solution for you.

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Our products are the best of quality. We offer different frame sizes, different finishes such as white and foil, internally glazed and multi-chambered, PVC standard thresholds, high security with two reverse hooks and 2 roller and deadbolts, easily adjustable hinges, high performance weatherseals, steel reinforcement, white locking handles and low-line glazing bead.

Not only do we offer great quality, high security and optimum performance in our products. We are so confident in our doors that we offer £1000 money back guarantee if you have a break in and an insurance back guarantee. Our product not only looks after your safety, it also looks after your bank balance. Our doors have A-rated energy efficiency to reduce the heat loss from your home and save on your electricity bills, helping towards a more healthy environment.

Our door replacement and repair services

We have many years of experience in home improvements and over the years we have tailored our service around you, the customer. Initially we offer all potential customers a free, no obligation appointment with one of our home improvements specialists. We will discuss whether you need door replacement or door repair initially then if you decide it is a new door that you desire we can discuss style, glass, colour, size, price range etc. We will then fit your door for you; we have an expert door installation team who work according to our impeccable standards, keeping mess and disruption to a minimum and finish the job as fast as possible.

What doors are best for security? 

Security doors are usually heavy and have multiple locks throughout the door. You can have security doors with or without windows in them but there are specific types of windows you need. They should meet the classification standard of the British standard Kitemark PAS 24-1, also known as a door of enhanced security. They are 44mm thick and can have metal plates around the locking system. These can be metal, wood, UPVC and composites. If there is a window in the door then there will be a severe decrease in security, as this is adding a weak point. A solid door will offer the best security.

Are doors with glass safe? 

Glass can be hazardous if it is not compliant. Glass usually breaks in large and sharp shards, so if someone goes through the glass it could be severe if not deadly. Security glass is tempered so that if it breaks, it goes into several small pieces which is much safer. For added security, windows in doors can have a wire mesh that stops the window shattering and adding an extra layer of security. So yes, glass in doors can be safe but it really depends on what the door is needed to do. We would recommend discussing this with Pinnacle if you are concerned on safety.  

We provide both domestic and commercial door fitting services whether you need new doors for your family home or your office space, we are more than qualified to provide a service tailored around you and your needs.

If you are interested in a quote then please send us a message on our website, email us on or give us a call on 01843449361. We cover Redditch, Birmingham and the West Midlands, as well as StratfordBromsgrove, and Solihull with high quality home improvement and window installation services.