Door Repairs

Why should you repair your broken door?

A broken outer door that cannot be secured properly is a major security risk. Typically, this would be due to a broken lock or smashed window in the door. If this is the case, then you need to call an emergency 24-hour locksmith and/or glazier. However, this is relatively rare and only usually happens after an attempted break-in or a significant accident.

What do you do though if your front door or office door is damaged but can still be secured (for example the glass is cracked, or the frame is slightly buckled or one of the lower PVC panels in the door is scratched or scuffed through wear and tear?)

Why replace and inner door in your home?

What about inner doors (such as ones between rooms) which need fixing (for example it doesn’t close properly, one of the glass panes is scratched or cracked etc.)?

In both of these scenarios, there is no security risk and there is no urgent need to get it fixed. However, a broken door looks both unsightly and unprofessional and can destroy the whole ambiance of a home, office, shop or venue.

The thing most people think of in this scenario is door replacement and new door fitting. But often the damage to your door will be superficial and it is much more cost effective to repair, rather than replace, a door.

In some cases, the replacement of one inner door might necessitate the replacement of several doors. For example, your house or office has a certain style of door running through out an entire floor. If that style of door is no longer available and you are considering replacing it then you have the tough choice of replacing all your doors or having the new one look out of place.

This first option can be expensive especially if you need a number of designer doors.

The second option is cheaper but you would need to put up with non-matching doors. In the case of an office, this can look unprofessional and could be off-putting for prospects, customers and clients. In a home environment, you might be able to put up with different doors or even tolerate a broken one for a period but it will eventually reach a point where you will feel the need to take action.

What happens if it is an outer door which is damaged?

Your outer door (especially the front door of your house, office, shop or venue) is the first view that the world has of you. It is important that it reflects your business or home in a good light. It is not something that you want to leave unrepaired, especially if it is something simple like replacing a panel or scratched glass pane.

Can doors be cut to size? 

Doors can be manufactured in different ways. Stock doors and frames can be bought as 1 size pre measured and cut, but allow for trimming to fit a pre-existing door space. If you have specific needs as to what size and shape the door needs to be then you can have a door made to specification. Wood would be the most versatile option for made to order specifications. You do need to be aware that cutting a door to size after receiving the door should be done with great care. Make sure you measure thoroughly, and if you cut too much then it could weaken the door.  

Why choose Pinnacle to repair your indoor and outdoor doors?

In either case, your best move is to contact Pinnacle Windows and our experts will guide you through the various options. An effective repair may be as simple as replacing a panel or a pane of glass. Alternatively, if you want a new look then we can help you choose the right door (or doors) for you.

We are also the specialists in conservatory services and window services as well as door installation.

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