Door Replacement Home Improvements

Why should you replace your doors?

Door replacement can make a major difference to the look and feel of a home, office, venue or shop.

Let me ask you:

  • Are you tired of your current home, office or venue?
  • Do you feel slightly embarrassed when visitors call at your home or clients or customers arrive on your premises?
  • Do you want to feel re-energised by a new, modern look?

Then we might be able to help. New doors can make a major difference to your home, office, shop or venue.

Your front door (whether it is your home, office, venue or shop) is the world’s first glimpse of you. We all know that first impressions count and your front door can either make a good or bad impression. You might think this is over-stating the case but think about it, if a restaurant had a poorly lit doorway concealing an old, scratched and battered door, how likely are you to go in?

Compare this to a restaurant that has a brightly lit entrance and sparkling clean PVC doors with large glass panels inviting you in. There is a definite difference in your feelings about the place you are about to enter. A restaurant is an obvious example but the same applies whether it is your office or shop door or even your front door at home. In all these cases, the first impression does count.

Smarten up your home or office with brand new doors

On the inside of your house, office, or venue your choice of inner doors is still important. Doors have more of an impact than you think. Many people re-decorate rooms in their house every five years or so but still have the same doors when they moved in 15 year or more years ago. This is the same with offices, restaurants, bars and other venues.

The problem is doors don’t last forever and styles do change. If you want a modern looking home or establishment, isn’t it time you upgraded your inner doors. The below questions will give you a steer.

Do you still have the same inner doors as you did when you moved into your house or office?
Are you looking for a new and modern look which puts you or your business in a better light?
Do you feel slightly embarrassed by your current look and want to have a complete make over?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above, then we might have the solution you have been looking for.

How do you measure a door’s size?

Make sure when you measure your door, you don’t measure it including the frame. You want to measure from the very edge of one side of the door to the other using a tape measure. Ignore extras such as weather strips and latches. For wooden doors you may want to measure from two locations for width and height. Older wooden doors have a tendency to warp and may not be perfectly rectangular. Same goes for the thickness of the door, measure from edge to edge of the door ignoring the handle. After which, make sure you measure the door space, by opening the door, just to be safe.

Why choose Pinnacle Home Improvements to fit new doors?

We offer a wide range of doors to fit different pockets and a professional door fitting service. We invite you to contact one of our friendly staff for more information today on 01527 522019.

If you have a scratched or scuffed door and you don’t want to replace it then door repair is the perfect solution. In some cases, it might just be one inner door that needs repairing and rather than replacing it and your other inner doors you might just want to get it repaired.

Pinnacle Windows are also the specialists in conservatory services and window services as well as door installation.

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