Window Services


At Pinnacle Home Improvements we can provide a fantastic range of window services so whatever you may need we will be able to help. The purpose of windows is to create light within the home or business environment. They can also be used to allow fresh air into the building premises and also let sound in. Windows can also be used as a security measure to see what is outside and on the other side of the room and are also used in a pictorial sense in churches and galleries to depict stories and artwork. Modern windows also have the ability to hold heat in and block sound out for example double glazed windows found in new buildings can have environmentally friendly effects on a building being a source of heat control and sound proofing. There are so many windows to choose from and we at Pinnacle can source various different window designs and hardware to meet your requirements. Windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can include:

  • Single and double hung sash windows
  • Horizontal sliding windows
  • Pivot, tilt and slide windows
  • Skylight and roofing windows
  • stained glass and decorative windows
  • French windows in doors
  • and many more…

It is important when buying windows to consider if you are living in an old or a new building as the type of windows you choose will depend on the design of the building and the look that you are after. At Pinnacle we can advise on the best style window for your building.

Modern buildings will usually have double glazed windows with a metal or transparent frame whereas older buildings are more likely to have wooden frames or shutters with a single glaze and may have larger areas of window, for example bay windows which are common in houses pre 1940’s. New build windows tend to be lower maintenance whereas old buildings can have many maintenance issues and common problems occurring in older windows and frames include the timber in the frames rotting and the window pane itself not holding heat, leaking or allowing drafts to enter the home. Single pane glass can also causes issues with regards to noise being louder in the home when compared with modern double glazing counterparts. Other problems to look out for include faulty windows with faulty sash support systems, broken locks and latches and broken or foggy glass. At Pinnacle we can provide all the hardware to go alongside the actual window panes and can advise on the best solution to fix any window issues you are faced with, and also take into consideration matching your windows with existing doors and conservatories. Windows come in all shapes and sizes and as windows can be tricky to fit it is important that you consider who will be undertaking your window installation and window fitting to ensure it is completed in a safe and secure manner. It is also important to ensure your window replacement is done by a reputable company who will give you a guarantee on the windows you have fitted and that any window repair is undertaken correctly to ensure your property is secure and safe and meets with the British standards.