Door Installation

Why is it important to install new doors?

Door installation may not sound interesting but it is important that your doors are fitted correctly.  Poorly-fitted external doors not only allow in drafts but are also a security risk.  They also tend to deteriorate and are more likely to need replacing earlier than well-fitted ones.

Internal doors are cheaper but still need to be fitted correctly.  You see them more often than your front door and you want them to be hung correctly to please you, your family and your guests.  If you own an office in a shared building, then the first glimpse that your clients get of your office is your door and it must be well fitted so it opens and closes properly as well as noiselessly as possible.

Make sure your doors are installed correctly

Any incorrectly installed door may require door repair or door replacement earlier than would otherwise be needed.  An incorrectly fitted door can also damage the frame and many inexpert fitters will generate a great deal of mess in installing it.

You need to ensure that your door is fitted by professionals who know how to install all the different types.

Pinnacle Home Improvements offer a wide range of internal and external doors

However, your first decision is to choose the type of doors you want.  Pinnacle Home Improvement offers a complete range of doors including external and internal doors in a range of colours and styles.  New doors can give your home or office a fresh, stylish look.  All you need to do is find the appearance and image you want to convey.

External Door Installation

Our external doors offer the highest quality. You will find different frame sizes, different finishes such as white and foil, internally glazed and multi-chambered, PVC standard thresholds.  They also give you high security with two reverse hooks and 2 roller and deadbolts.  They come with easily adjustable hinges, high performance weather seals, steel reinforcement, and white locking handles.  You will also benefit in reduced energy bills thanks to their A-rated efficiency.

Internal Door Installation

Our internal doors are of an equally high quality and will lend a touch of elegance to your home or professionalism to your office.  Doors have more of an impact than you think.  Many people re-decorate rooms in their house every five years or so but still have the same doors when they moved in 15 year or more years ago.  It is important to replace or upgrade them and certain points and get them correctly installed.

You will discover a range of environmentally friendly products that suit private homes and offices.

Why choose Pinnacle to install new doors for you?

Pinnacle Home Improvements is a family run business that takes pride in offering the type of meticulous craftsmanship and expertise that many people believe no longer exists.  We have a team of door installation specialists who will ensure that your doors are professionally fitted and last for years.  Our team will also keep the mess and inconvenience to a minimum and clean up and make everything good before they leave.

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