Conservatory Door Fittings, Repair and Replacement Services

 Increase the value of your property with a conservatory

Are you looking to replace conservatory doors or do you need support installing them as part of a new conservatory fitting?  If so, then we can help.

Conservatories add more space and light to your home as well as a touch of elegance.  They can increase the value of your property while giving you an additional space for entertaining guests or relaxing with the family.

Make sure they are fitted and installed correctly

However, they can cause problems if they are not properly fitted.  This includes leaks and drafts coming through your conservatory doors.  Drafts add to your heating bills and leaks coming down the inside of your door not only look unsightly but the leaking water could cause further damage.  This is why it is important that your conservatory installation is professionally done by experienced craftsmen.

Pinnacle Home Improvements repair and replace conservatory doors and windows

But what happens if your conservatory door is broken and cannot be secured properly?  Typically, this would be due to a broken lock or smashed window.  If it constitutes a security risk, then you need to call a 24-hour locksmith or glazier.  However, most homes have a secure door which leads from their conservatory into the main house and provides the security they need.

Also what do you do if your conservatory doors are just damaged but can still be secured?  For example, the glass is cracked, or the frame is slightly damaged or one of the window panels in the door is scratched or scuffed through wear and tear?  It could also be damaged due to a seal breaking on the double glazing.  This lets in damp air which can then cause mist to form within the panel.

Here there is no security risk and no urgent need to get if fixed within 12 hours.  However, it can look unsightly and may well be spoiling your enjoyment of your conservatory.  You might not want to have the conservatory re-done but you will want to have doors that fit in a style which matches your existing one.

This is where we can help.

We offer a complete range of conservatory doors which will fit any style of conservatory whether it is a:

Whatever your conservatory door needs, we will find the right ones for you.  If the damage is not significant then we can also professionally repair conservatory doors.  This can make your existing doors look as good as new.  The choice is yours.

But why choose us?

Pinnacle Home Improvements is a family run business which takes pride in offering the type of meticulous craftsmanship and expertise that many people believe no longer exists.  We have a team of conservatory door installation specialists who will ensure that your doors are professionally fitted and will last for years. Our team will also keep any mess and inconvenience to a minimum and clean up and make everything good before they leave.

We are also the specialists in conservatory installation along with window fitting and replacement as well as door repair and door replacement and installation.

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