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Pinnacle Windows – Window Replacement

Windows are an important feature within any home and choosing the right ones can benefit any property and have a variety of benefits in terms of style and function. But how do we know when it’s the right time to upgrade our windows if they’re showing no sign of damage? At Pinnacle Home Improvements we suggest looking out for the following signs that indicate that it may be the right time to invest in some new, high-quality environmentally efficient windows.

Signs you may need window replacement

Most people tend to replace their windows when there is an obvious sign of damage or need of repair such as a break or wood rot in older windows, but there are other signs that windows need replacing even though they don’t appear to be broken.

Feeling a draught

One of the biggest indicators that there is a potential problem with your window is if you start to feel or notice a draught. As windows get older they, like other things start to wear, meaning that they gradually let more air in. Windows come in all styles and materials, but even with the best of materials and the best care, it’s not possible to prevent the ageing process. It’s also possible that over time corners or sashes in frames can become loose, which can be another cause of air penetration.

Problems with opening or closing

In addition to this, if you have problems with opening and closing your windows this can indicate a balance issue, especially in older single and double hung windows. This problem also poses possible hazards if windows are able to slam shut, as it could compromise the glass. Rot and rust in older windows also play a part in windows failing to operate correctly.

Seal failure

If you take a look at your windows and start to notice condensation inside double or tripled paned glass this can be an indicator of a seal failure. A seal failure creates a gap between the panes of glass leaving an opening for moisture to enter, and this in turn causes the condensation or fog look meaning the glass is no longer working as an insulator.

Other signs

If you’re not able to get a good night’s sleep, your windows may no longer be working as a sound dampener. Efficient windows should keep noise in and reduce noise from outside. Also, look out for leaks – water entering through the window area points out that there may be tightening issues.

High energy bills are another warning sign that windows may need replacing. One of the biggest benefits of replacement windows is the quality and effectiveness in being energy efficient and reducing costs. If your energy bills are expensive there’s a strong possibility that your windows are simply not energy efficient enough.

Get replacement windows you can count on

If you spot any of these signs, then Pinnacle Home Improvements can help. Offering specialist services in window installation, window repair and window fitting. If you upgrade to better quality windows you can benefit from low-cost energy bills and reduced noise levels. They also make your home look inviting and add style to your property even increasing the value and can even add to your home’s security measures.