Do Solar Panels Work During Winter?

With energy bills set to continue rising, more and more homes are opting to have solar panels installed to help out with mounting costs. During the summer the impact of solar energy on household bills can be dramatic, with some customers even feeding their excess power back into the national grid for a small profit.

But many people have concerns about whether solar panels will work during the winter months, especially in the cold UK climate. So we’re here to put your mind at rest and confirm that yes, solar panels do continue to function all year round.

PV solar panels work by converting natural light into clean, sustainable energy, so they don’t actually rely on gathering any heat from the sun. If anything solar panels work best at cooler temperatures, so they can be at their most efficient on a cold, clear day.

The only down side is that winter days have fewer hours of daylight, meaning that the panels are busy for less time per day than they would expect to be in the summer. Even so, a PV solar panel system should produce an average of 60-70% of your home’s electricity over the course of a year and can quickly pay for itself.

To make the most of your solar panels it’s important that they should are positioned on South facing roof space so that they are exposed to the best quality of light for the longest possible time whatever the season. But that’s where we come in.

Our experts at Pinnacle Home Improvements will take care of a full and honest assessment to make sure your home is suitable for solar panels and that you will benefit from your environmentally-friendly new investment.

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