Conservatory Door Fitting

A door to your conservatory should be something that you take time to consider in order to get it just right. Perhaps you have some DIY experience and feel you can easily do it yourself, but with something as important as a conservatory door fitting, you are really better advised to seek professional conservatory services and have real experts fit your door for you.

Doors are important. For outside doors, it is the first thing of your home or conservatory your visitors will see close up. It is also one of the main features of your house or conservatory that your neighbours can see, so getting it right is important, both from a practical and an aesthetic point of view.

A poorly fitted door can cost you money in the long term. Doors should close and open without any squeaking or grinding sounds. They should lock easily, and open again just as easily as well. These actions should be smooth and effortless to perform. That is the sign of a properly fitted conservatory door. When the door is not fitted properly, the frame can be buckled or twisted, causing wear and tear on parts of the door. Before long this will lead to greater damage and the need for door repairs, and extra, unnecessary costs to you.

Your conservatory door is available in a number of different materials. Usually, you will choose a material that matches the material of your conservatory, but one that complements it will usually work fine too. The type of doors available range from ordinary swing doors, to sliding doors of the type typically found on the access to a patio, to concertina style folding doors, and there can be several variations in between as well.

Wooden timber doors are always a good choice. Properly varnished, these doors allow the natural grain of the wood to be fully expressed. Alternatively, timber doors can be painted or stained. A hardwood is a bit more expensive than soft woods, but it is usually much more durable and will have a longer life. It is important that timber doors are treated properly at the outset to avoid unnecessary warping of the wood.

You can also get uPVC doors. These are generally more expensive than timber doors made from a soft wood, but they are extremely durable and strong. The plastic is usually molded on to an internal metal frame. This makes uPVC doors very good from a security point of view. Metal doors made from aluminium or steel are also popular. These doors obviously have great strength and robustness, and they are easy to maintain. You can also have your conservatory door made from a composite material. Various combinations of materials are possible here.

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