Conservatory Door Replacement


You may be wondering why you should replace your conservatory door especially if the conservatory hasn’t been up very long. With Pinnacle’s conservatory door service we can give you advice on this but for now we can go over a few of the reasons why you would need to consider conservatory door replacement.

Why Replace your Conservatory Door?

With constant use a conservatory door will eventually become a little ‘loose’ on its hinges or the seal may start to corrode. If there has been any settlement of the ground underneath the conservatory you can sometimes find that the door no longer fits properly; it may start to ‘stick’ when opening and closing, or it may just fail to close properly. It could be that your conservatory door is simply looking old and tired, past its best.

Another great reason to replace your conservatory door is the advances made in security. You can easily upgrade to the very latest in high security locks for absolute peace of mind particularly if the original locks on the door are broken. Of course you could just be thinking in terms of changing the entire look of your conservatory with a door of a completely new design or with a touch of colour to replace the boring old white.

If you don’t want to completely replace your conservatory door you could consider a repair if, for example, your door is just slightly damaged or the seal has broken down. Our conservatory service advisors here at Pinnacle Windows can advise you on which option is best for you. We can repair conservatory doors to a very high standard of workmanship so that you can once again have enjoyment of your extra room.

What are the Benefits of Conservatory Door Replacement?

Where you have a conservatory door that is damaged, perhaps with a broken glass, a seal hanging down or a faulty lock, or the door doesn’t hang properly any more, it goes without saying that a shiny new replacement will change the whole look of your conservatory. With a brand new, fully functioning door you will no longer feel embarrassed to show visitors into your conservatory.

The other, most important advantage of having a new conservatory door fitted comes with lower heating bills as you will notice when you have a properly fitted and sealed door. This is because the new seals will stop all those draughts that you are currently just putting up with. A properly sealed door will also prevent rainwater coming in and causing problems associated with this such as damp and black mould.

Fitting your New Conservatory Door

You may be tempted to fit a new conservatory door yourself. However, you shouldn’t  be fooled into thinking this is a simple process. A mistake in the fitting, especially of an external door, could prove costly. Here at at Pinnacle Home Improvement, our trained and experienced professionals can install your new conservatory door to ensure the best possible result. We can also advise you on all the different types of conservatory door that are available.  Once you’ve chosen your perfect replacement conservatory door, our installers will ensure a fast, efficient fitting service – leaving you with a conservatory you can really be proud of.