Conservatory Window Repairs

The windows are the main part of any conservatory, as the structure is designed to be a light and airy place where the family can relax and enjoy the bright space. Because there are so many windows in the average conservatory, it is no wonder that some or all of them will eventually need to be repaired at some time. For that reason, conservatory window repairs are a common service, and usually a busy one too.

Windows can get broken, and that’s an obvious indication that a repair is needed. The glass can also get cracked, and that might be seen as a much less urgent situation. A cracked window can often be put on the back burner for weeks, which roll into months, or even years, before getting any attention. This is a mistake. You should always make any necessary repairs or replacements as soon as possible. That can prevent draughts, and more importantly, it can help to prevent someone taking advantage of the situation and breaking in.

Double glazed conservatory windows can sometimes become misted if the seal between the two panes of glass becomes compromised in some way. A misted window looks bad and obviously doesn’t let in as much light as a clear pane will. Repairing a misted window might require a replacement of the window unit.

Conservatory window repairs are most likely to be needed where the window frames are made of wood. Wood can rot, or become damaged more easily than a metal frame. If you are familiar with the work involved in repairing a window frame, and if you have the right tools, you can do this yourself. However, it is usually best to get a professional expert to do it for you. Pinnacle Home Improvements (, based in Redditch, near Birmingham, is one such company with an excellent track record for all types of work involved with conservatories, including window repair.

Windows with wooden frames that are regularly exposed to water or moisture, other than normal rain, a leak, for example, will most likely become warped or swollen over time. This will make the window difficult, or even impossible, to open. It will look unsightly too, and you should get it repaired as soon as you can.

To minimise the need for conservatory window repairs, you should inspect them on a regular basis. Once a week is not too much, though once a month is probably good enough. You should also use a mild detergent and soft water to wash the frames and windows. This will help you to spot any potential problem areas before they become a serious problem.

Small gaps might appear from time to time around the edges of windows or their frames. Very small gaps can easily be sealed with mastic, an inexpensive plastic type of sealant that’s readily available at any good DIY store. Larger gaps will require a more permanent solution, and if you don’t feel confident in doing it yourself, you should seek the professional assistance of an expert. Pinnacle Home Improvements are a good choice, and they can be reached on 01527 522019.