Replacement Windows in Birmingham


When thinking how you can save money at home and how you can increase home security your windows may not be the first thing you think about – but double glazing windows can help with both of these factors. Your current windows may not be keeping the heat in your home therefore creating higher energy bills. With older windows, locks and seals may not be as efficient as they could be and so by updating your windows you are making sure your home is safe and secure.  With impressive windows that suit your house style, you may also be adding value to your property. Pinnacle Home Improvements can offer replacement windows in Birmingham at an exceptional value and give you an unrivalled service that concentrates solely on your needs.

As a family run business who specialise in window replacement, window repairs and conservatories in Birmingham we pride ourselves on giving our customers a fantastic service. All of our work is undertaken correctly to ensure your property is secure and safe and meets with British standards.

When is best to replace your windows? Here is a quick guide to help you understand the benefits of new windows.

Seal Failure: Have you ever noticed fog, mist or condensation within your current panes of glass? If yes, this is a sign that the seals are failing. This will leave an opening for moisture to enter, and this, in turn, causes the condensation or fog look meaning the glass is no longer working as an insulator.

Feeling a Draught? Your windows may be made of the best materials and receive the best of care, but it’s not possible to prevent the ageing process. Feeling the draught is one of the biggest indicators that your windows are failing. Over time, as seals and fixings age, they start to wear, meaning that they gradually let more air in. Window frames also contribute to draughts. They may show signs of rot or general deterioration which can be another cause of air penetration.

Problems with opening and closing: If your windows are able to move freely (meaning they can slam shut) this can pose a hazard and damage the glass. Rot and rust are a major factor that affects the opening and closing of older windows. Balance may also play a part, especially in older single or double hung windows.

Noise: Efficient windows should keep noise in and reduce noise from outside. If you are noticing more noise from outside, your windows may no longer be working as a sound dampener.

All of these factors can contribute to higher energy bills. One of the biggest benefits of replacement windows is the quality and effectiveness in being energy efficient and reducing costs.

Pinnacle Home Improvements are here to help with all of the above issues and any further questions you may have. We can advise on the best solution to fix any window issues you are faced with, and also take into consideration matching your windows with existing doors and conservatories.

With a wide variety of designs available we are confident you will find a style that will suit your home, create a great first impression and save you money on energy bills. Contact us now to discuss replacement windows for your property.